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Whether you need a helicopter for a work trip or a private jet for a leisure travel experience, a private charter from Castle Luxury Travel is the best and most luxurious way to travel.

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Private helicopter charter

Flying private made simple

Enjoy flexible, point-to-point travel with our helicopter private charter service. Helicopter travel is extremely versatile, allowing you to access both city centres and remote areas with ease.

  • Versatile travel option
  • Convenient
  • Choose an aircraft to suit your requirements
  • Hassle-free experience  
  • Global coverage  
  • VIP service  

Private jet charter

Travel in style

Experience a luxury travel experience like never before with our private jet charter service. We are dedicated to ensuring every aspect of your private charter experience is taken care of to the highest of standards, so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience and reach your destination in style and comfort.

  • Your choice of aircraft  
  • Perfect for business and leisure  
  • VIP service  
  • Global travel coverage  
  • Relax in your own space  
  • Flexible private flying 

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